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panon.ai was established with the vision of being the accelerator for businesses and companies in Indonesia, to be an active contributor in creating a smarter industries through our products and services for manufacturing, safety, supply chains & commercial retails.
Delivering video analytics, machine vision, advance surveillance & AI platform that can transform industries into new domains by helping them to see better, do better with AI & automation.
Simple to Use
Reduce Bandwith Cost
Compatible with all CCTV brand
Tailor Made & White Label Analytic Models
Security Operations Center


Let’s work together to discover, design, develop and deploy solutions using a consistent methodology to achieve excellence in meeting your goals. Whether it’s developing applications, customizing analytic models, compiling and visualizing data, implementing an AI model, we’re here to assist you.
Application Development

Build an end-user application that leverages AI-powered data output and reporting. The AI Services team will work with you to create an application that solves the unique challenges of you and your users.

AI Model Onboarding

AI models available to you with custom AI models unique to your challenge. panon AI Services team can assist you with developing and deploying the right models for the job, making your AI vision a reality.


Give your software the power to see objects in images and video. We help innovators like you apply computer vision. Upload files manually or via API including text, images, annotations, and videos.

Data Reporting and Visualization

Utilize the panon data reporting and visualization insights to show business value produced by your project to key stakeholders in your organization.

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