What is Bottle Cap Inspection?

Nowadays, the growth and development of artificial intelligence is more evident than any other time. Consequently, the development of machine vision systems in the industry has been studied extensively. The provision of a high-level quality control system based on vision inspection in production lines is an important issue. It not only can increase the efficiency, but also derives the necessary tools to gather information about technical errors and faults in the target system. In this paper, we focus on the vision inspection of bottle caps in drink factories using convolutional neural networks. There are different cap encapsulation statuses which are classified as Normal Cap, Unfixed Cap, and No Cap. According to these classes, we can make a decision between either acceptance or rejection of a given bottle. Achieved results show that our optimized fine-tuning method based on the VGG-19 as an End-to-End deep learning approach can lead to more than 99% accurac

How to get started

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