What Is People Detection With Computer Vision?

People Detection with computer vision uses deep learning algorithms to detect and track individual people in the real-time video of common, inexpensive surveillance cameras. Novel deep learning algorithms provide high accuracy in both indoor and outdoor scenes. Automatic people detection and counting in real-time video streams are important in intelligent video surveillance. Hence, automated people counting with cameras is a key application in smart cities. It also helps businesses to analyze customer traffic in indoor and outdoor scenes. Counting of people in stores has recently gained popularity due to COVID-19 measures to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. Another popular use case is the counting of queuing people.

How to get started

This solution is built on Viso Suite, the all-in-one computer vision platform to deploy, run and scale the solution with powerful tools and infrastructure. To get started, request a personal demo, we will put together a plan that includes all the services you need to get started.