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Surveillance Made Easy

Enhances your safety with technology that’s smart, secure and easy to manage. Integrated with powerful Video Management System, floor plan, map and various alert notification that optimize for your surveillance activities such as intrusion detection, safety parameter, face recognition and more in a simple dashboard.

Security Surveillance Meets Computer Vision

Integrated Surveillance

Ensure your spaces are protected 24/7 with our application. Automate data collection from one or multiple cameras. Use custom dashboard tools to manage the perimeters of your surveillance, and use them in multiple scenario & applications.

Quick Events Search

Utilize the latest in AI and edge–based processing to uncover actionable insights in the real time. Powered by industry–leading edge–based processing and computer vision technology, these features give you the ability to identify and search for events or objects in your camera footage, allowing you to find meaningful events and save time during critical investigations.

Deploy computer vision apps for security

Put your computer vision to use in real-world settings. Deploy your real-time and offline applications to computers and process the video feeds of digital cameras in . On-device deep learning enables fast, efficient, offline and privacy preserving AI.

Custom Dashboard

Make it easy to gather the insights of your deployed applications in the cloud. Visualize and monitor your applications in cloud dashboards with interactive charts and dynamic filters.

Maintain and manage everything from one place.

Eliminate complexity with intuitive user interface and intelligent automation. Add devices in minutes, while leveraging roles and permissions to manage users at scale.

panon™ tera Applications

Panon engine lets you create and scale real-time computer vision and deep learning systems. Increase operational efficiency, innovation and service quality with computer vision applications.

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