Not Just Another Video Management Platform

view is Video Management System from panon. The system is designed to optimize resources use, friendly interface and easy to expand the number of management cameras. The system consists of an administrative server and software to support the system administrator up to 500 camera feeds to any display with ultra-low, latency, crisp video playback, customizable layouts, and analytical dashboard.

Feature of panon view

Easily Manage Your Devices

Integrate any type of CCTV brand under one platform. Automatically monitor events from large number of surveillance (CCTV) cameras, alarms, or sensors. Monitors all the systems and provides an at-a-glance view alerting security to any potential risks, threats, events, or scheduled tasks.

Smart Function & Video Compression

Integrate your video with various analytics. Support optimal management of smart recording data to save up to 70% from regular recording. Support the management of camera data such as camera group, camera position on map according to specific needs of different practical needs.

Custom Dashboard

Support to customize information displayed on the dashboard and display information about the overall camera system.

Security Feature

In addition having the network security under our SoC, the system allows real-time control and monitoring of system access and system supports user decentralization according to many different criteria: The right to affect the camera, the right to affect the camera group, the right to edit the system.

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