Computer Vision as a Service

When you invest in panon Suite, you get access to our team of engineers. Get expert services and software as a complete package – everything from one provider.

Work with our team to customize panon products or build new solutions.

The panon AI Services team helps discover, design, develop and deploy solutions using a consistent methodology to achieve excellence in meeting your goals. Whether you need help developing applications, compiling and visualizing data, developing AI workflows, implementing an AI model, panon is here to help.

AI Model Onboarding

AI models available to you with custom AI models unique to your challenge. panon AI Services team can assist you with developing and deploying the right models for the job, making your AI vision a reality.

Application Development

Want to build an end-user application that leverages AI-powered data output and reporting? The AI Services team will work with you to create an application that solves the unique challenges of you and your users.


Give your software the power to see objects in images and video. We help innovators like you to apply computer vision. Upload files manually or via API including text, images, annotations, and videos.

Data Reporting and Visualization

Utilize the panon data reporting and visualization insights to show business value produced by your project to key stakeholders in your organization

panon AI Services team will manage your automation project through eight stages:

  • 1

    Business Need Analyst

    The team will understand your automation goals and review your current content-centric processes to identify existing inefficiencies and opportunities for automation.

  • 2

    Requirements Gathering

    Once the business needs are identified, the team develops automation requirements in collaboration with key stakeholders

  • 3

    Architectural Planning

    With automation requirements in place, the team proposes an optimal system design and architecture to meet those requirements

  • 4

    Finalize plan

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All-in-One Solution To Build and Operate Computer Vision Applications Without Code.

Collect and annotate training data in one place

Automate data collection from one or multiple cameras. Use integrated image annotation tools. Manage and version your AI models, and use them in multiple deep learning applications.

Develop with a visual no-code editor

Create and update real-time computer vision applications intuitively, using pre-built modules in a visual editor. Build out logic, wire together cameras and computer vision modules.

Deploy computer vision apps to endpoints.

Put your computer vision to use in real-world settings. Deploy your real-time applications to computers and process the video feeds of digital cameras in real-time. On-device deep learning enables fast, efficient, offline and privacy preserving AI.

Operate and monitor all applications remotely.

Panon Suite makes it easy to gather the insights of your deployed applications in the cloud. Visualize and monitor your applications in cloud dashboards with interactive charts and dynamic filters.

Maintain and manage everything from one place.

Never worry about integrations, maintenance or infrastructure. Stay secure and private, test changes safely with version control. Scale up from a demo to enterprise grade systems.

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